Wire lock measuring sensor.

In conjunction with STRI, Creator has produced a temperature monitoring system for environments with extreme weather conditions and surroundings with high voltages and currents. The measurement system was developed to monitor temperature changes in isolators used in switchgear.

An isolator is a power switch that is used to interrupt incoming and outgoing current from power lines in switchgear.

Reliable and efficient monitoring via the web. The temperature sensor detects unexpected rises in temperature in the isolator, changes that, in the future, may result in the isolator breaking down, leading to serious interruptions in the power supply.

The temperature registered by the temperature sensor is transmitted wirelessly via a radio system to a web-based monitoring system. Warnings are then sent via the web to an administrator, e.g. by e-mail, SMS, or automated telephone calls.

The temperature sensor is battery-powered and has an operation time of more than five years, even in zones with major fluctuations of heat and cold.